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Based in Perth, Australia

Release date:
4 June, 2015

PC / Mac
PlayStation 4
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Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy is a game of 3D tactical space battles. Play your part in the Second Contact War in a campaign with a branching story and over 60 missions, or create your own scenarios in skirmish mode battles. Give your orders, and watch the results in explosive pausable real-time. Tailor your arsenal of crew abilities and assault class ships as your fleet grows with your command. Exploit the enemy’s weaknesses with superior positioning and flanking manoeuvres to inflict devastating damage. Six classes of assaults ships are yours to command. Make precision strikes with the swift Swordfish Raiders, or lead from the bridge of a hulking Kraken Dreadnought.



  • Fight for Novus and decide the outcome of the Second Contact War with a branching story that boasts over 60 missions.
  • WeGo tactical combat in 3D space, with gameplay that rewards strategic positioning and fleet coordination. Give your commands, then watch the results in pausable realtime.
  • Take command of a range of heavily armed assault ships, including Raiders, Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyers, Battlecruisers and Dreadnoughts - each with with their own weapons fitouts and unique functions.
  • Balance the energy core of each ship to focus on impenetrable defences, breakneck piloting or devastating assaults.
  • Manage your crew’s personalities and morale to tailor your flagship’s advantage in battle. Every crew member you enlist has their own personality traits, abilities and stories
  • Measure your actions against the War Scale. Will your command be a legacy of calculated tactical bombardments, or aggressive and reckless assaults
  • Take part in an ongoing war with no turning back. Choose who will be saved, order reinforcements to replace destroyed veteran ships, and shape the future of mankind’s second home.


Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy - Xbox One Launch Trailer YouTube

Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "West Australian Screen Awards 2016 - Best Game" The West Australian Screen Awards celebrate the best screen content created in Western Australia, include film, TV and video game.

    Selected Articles

      • "One of the finest indie games so far in 2015"
        - Matt Sainbury, DigitallyDownloaded.net
      • "For those space-based strategy buffs like me, Star Hammer: Vanguard Prophecy is definitely a title to pick up"
        - Robert, Chalgyrs Game Room
      • "Earnest narrative setup bolstering layered tactical combat, it's a solid strategy serving with fine controls and breadth of options."
        - Alex Connolly, Pocket Tactics
      • "Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy is a great turn based sci-fu strategy title, and it's with huge thanks I gladly accept it's full, unadultered porting to Xbox One"
        - Matthew Cooper, Brash Games

      About Black Lab Games

      Black Lab Games is a boutique game development studio specialising in modern downloadable games for PC and consoles. We focus on the development of strategy and role-playing genres. Our titles include Battlestar Galactica Deadlock and Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy

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      More information on Black Lab Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

      Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy Credits

      Paul Turbeyy
      Game Director, Lead Programmer

      Anthony Sweet
      Lead Designer, Writer

      Anthony Carriero
      Art Director

      Mark Smith
      3D Modeller

      Richard Kong
      UI Artist

      Jess Watson
      Level Designer

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