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Based in Perth, Australia

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14 February, 2012



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Take command of the infamous NSG-14 as Lieutenant Fredan Dyce in Campaign mode, or battle your friends for supremacy in Hotseat Skirmish mode. With every ship of Naval Strike Group 14 under your direct command, launch missiles to annihilate your enemies from afar or close in for explosive ship-to-alien broadsides.



  • Quick and easy to pick up with tactical depth to master. Control every vessel of the Alliance Navy, launch devastating missiles and use the flexible Power Balance mechanic to tweak your fleet’s offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • An epic Campaign story revamped for the PC release. Play as Lieutenant Fredan Dyce, earn promotions within the Alliance Navy and come face-to-face with the single greatest threat to the safety of your homeworld Novus.
  • Skirmish Mode lets you design your own fleet and jump straight into the battle against a friend or the challenging AI. Shiploads of options to set up the battle of your choosing.
  • Dicover the vast universe of Star Hammer with the encyclopaedic Data Archives. Get the facts and history about Novus, and find clues on how to defeat the Nautilid swarm.


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      About Black Lab Games

      Black Lab Games is a boutique game development studio specialising in modern downloadable games for PC and consoles. We focus on the development of strategy and role-playing genres. Our titles include Battlestar Galactica Deadlock and Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy

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      Star Hammer Tactics Credits

      Paul Turbett
      Design, Programming, etc.

      Simon Wittber

      Anthony Sweet
      Story Writing and Dialog, Freelancer

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